Surveillance camera's diplomat off

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The surveillance cameras at the apartment of the abused diplomat Onno Elderenbosch in Moscow Tuesday night were off, reports the building's  janitor to NOS correspondent David-Jan Godfroid.Noteworthy is the electricity failed twice Tuesday. After the first time, the safety cameras stopped working.

The perpetrators were waiting for Elderenbosch in the hall of the building when he came home.  They pretended to be electricians investigating the power failure . They asked if they could also inspect the inside of his apartment, after which the diplomat was beaten and tied up. The Dutchman was slightly wounded.

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The apartment is in a chic building in Moscow. Nothing reveals Tuesday's incident on the outside. Filming was not allowed on the inside.

Pictures of Elderenbosch' apartment show the house ransacked. The perpetrators also left a heart on a mirror, with the letters LGBT, the English term for the gay and transgender community.

Minister Timmermans discussed the incident with his colleague Lavrov on Wednesday. Russia has already expressed its regret. The police launched an investigation.