NS skips stations when delayed

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NS admits to skipping smaller stations to make up for delays. According to the railway company it is required to ensure the timetable is not disrupted too much and causes even more delays.People who are waiting at the station, can catch the next train. Those already on board, who see their station skipped, get the advice to catch a train back.

Travelers association Rover states they receive an increasing number of complaints from angry travelers who saw their station skipped. When you get home 45 minutes later, because your train skipped your destination on your way home from work, you will obviously not be happy about that, states a Rover spokesperson.

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The NS claims to understand the situation may be annoying to some travelers, but they have no other alternative to prevent even more delays. If a station is skipped, it is announced on the station and in the train.

Many of the reports Rover receives concern intercity Roosendaal-Zwolle, which recently skipped the stations Lent, Elst and Arnhem-Zuid a number of times.

On other sections the stations Bilthoven, Utrecht Overvecht, Bussum-Zuid, Hilversum-Noord, Hollandsche Rading, Haarlem-Spaarnwoude, and Krommenie-Assendelft were skipped, according to complainants.