Extraordinary ship wreck found

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In the Zwartewater Hasselt, in the Overijssel province, an early 16th century ship wreck was found. The find is very special, according to archaeologist Michael Klomp.Further research is needed to determine the exact historical value of the wreck. From what is now known, it is likely an interesting find. The ship is 30 meters long and was probably seaworthy, something not previously found in this area, according to Klomp.

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Research of the National Office for Cultural Heritage must determine the condition of the ship, what the charge was and whether it was deliberately sunk.  Only then will it be decided whether it is worth to  salvage and conserve the wreck.

The municipality Zwartewaterland that Hasselt belongs to, will not say exactly where the wreck lies, to prevent curious divers from damaging it.


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