Russian Conflict World News

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The conflict with Russia, about the Russian diplomat who’s political immunity was violated, is world news. All around the world, media pay much attention to the incident.

Although the incident already happened on Sunday, the news came out on Monday when Russian media published the ‘attack’ of the Russian diplomat by the Dutch police. The Russian minister of Foreign Affairs and Russian president Vladimir Poetin gave serious comments on the incident and this fueled the attention to the case even more.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte told the press on Tuesday evening however, that the relationship between Russia and the Netherlands is strong and can handle incidents like this. He said that minister Frans Timmermans is busy investigating the alleged violation of the Russian diplomat. He needs to find out if the incident was a violation of the Treaty of Vienna.

In the foreign media which describe the incident, the celebration of the 400-year-relationship of Russia and the Netherlands is mentioned as well as the commotion about the arrest of the Greenpeace members.

Rutte says that there is no reason to change the visit of king Willem-Alexander to Russia. The visit of the king and queen is planned for November 9.