Krol Costs 50Plus Seats

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The Krol affair costs 50Plus 5 virtual seats according to the poll of Maurice de Hond. Krol left the House on Friday after the Volkskrant reported that in his previous function, as chief editor of the Gaykrant, he was responsible for evading pension payments for his personnel.

Although the number of virtual seats is still three more than 50Plus has in the House, it are 13 seats less then the highest score in a poll about half a year ago. The loss opposite last week’s poll is five virtual seats.

Norbert Klein

Norbert Klein will take over the role of Henk Krol as leader of the 50Plus group in the House.

Klein says about the Krol affaire that it is a personal drama. “Where employee and an employer sign a contract it is very simple. The employer has to pay for the pension of the employees. However, it is not sure if Henk Krol did something illegal. Until further information comes out, I think that Krol can come back into the politics.”

Klein thinks that the whole affaire around Krol will not have any influence on the party and that soon the virtual effects will be back to normal.

Klein who represented 50Plus till Friday together with Krol, will get Martine Baay-Timmerman as colleague in the House.