One in six school classes overcrowded

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One in every six schools has classes with over 30 students. At very large schools, with more than 500 students, this is true for every one in five schools.This is evidenced by a study from the General Education Association (AOB), published on Thursday.

The union wrote out a survey at the beginning of the school year among more than three thousand teachers in primary, special and secondary education.

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The oversized class has become the norm. This development is worrisome, especially in customized education. More extra care students are placed in regular classes and it is debatable whether they get the attention they need if they are in a classroom with 30 other children.

The AOB wrote out a similar survey last year. Compared to those results the group size in primary schools went up from an average of 25.6 students last school year to 25.7 this year. In secondary education the average number of students per group increased from 26 students last year to 26.3 this year. However, the groups in special education grew slightly smaller, from 12.9 last year to an average of 12 students per class this year.

The Ministry of Education also monitors the average number of students per class every year. The department publishes the results in autumn.

Last year the findings of the Ministry and the AOB were very different. According to the Ministry the group size on a primary school averaged 22.8, almost 3 students short of the calculations of AOB.

The difference was probably due to the method of research. The Ministry randomly checked schools, where as the AOB surveyed the teachers.