ANWB still notes confusion over speed limit

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There is still a lot of confusion about the speed limit on freeways. Many motorists appreciate the new speed limit of 130km/h, but a year after it's introduction there's still a lot of confusion due to the many changes in speed limits.This is clear from four thousand comments on a ANWB hotline. Not only the varying speeds but also the texts on the lower signs cause confusion. Those contain the fine print for the limits during certain times.

The ANWB asked Rijkswaterstaat to come up with a new campaign to end the confusion. The union also wants longer sections where the same limit applies.

Cuddy Wifter
Wikimedia commons

Rijkswaterstaat states the limits of evermore sections are adjusted to 130, so it creates a more uniform experience for the motorist. Moreover, they are negotiating with various parties, such as ANWB and suppliers of navigation systems, to make sure that communicating speed limits to road users continually improves.