Yab Yum Now Open to the Public

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The once most exclusive men's club of the Netherlands opens its doors to the general public. Visitors of Yab Yum Unlocked  can now look around in places where guests were not allowed before, like the changing rooms of the girls and the kitchen full of caviar and champagne.Yab Yum was opened in 1976 in a canal house on the Singel by Theo Heuft. It attracted mainly foreign customers, but got its share of Dutch underworld figures, as the story goes.

Chana de Wolf

The atmosphere was not always gentle. Shootings, fights and drunken escapades of visitors were common. The exclusive club was sold to Hennie Vittali, the in-law of Hells Angels boss Harry Stoeltie. The municipality of Amsterdam suspected foul play and closed the brothel down in 2008. Heuft later stated he decided to sell the property after threats from the now liquidated criminals Sam Klepper and John Mieremet.

After years of vacancy, the building was purchased by Chris Kraijpoel, who wanted to exploit it as a brothel again. Because he was suspected of criminal activity, he was denied a permit, so he decided to turn it into a museum.