Recovery Dutch Economy On The Way

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Coalition partners VVD and PvdA see a recovery of the Dutch economy. This was clear from a debate between the group leaders of the six largest parties in the House. 

Both Zijlstra (VVD) and Samsom (PvdA) told their opponents that they were seeing signs of recovery, like the sectors housing and export.

The opposition had another view. Wilders (PVV) and Roemer (SP) think that this government ruins the economy with all the cuts. Wilders even said that Zijlstra and Samsom were possibly from another planet.

Pechtold (D66) and Buma (CDA) think that the constant increase of costs for the Dutch citizens impedes with economical growth.

Samsom and Zijlstra emphasized during the debate, over and over, that they want to cooperate with other parties and that they are open for alternatives from the opposition. Cooperation is in the interest of the country, they said.

Wilders and Roemer said not to see any advantage in cooperation and that they want new elections asap.

New elections are not necessary for Pechtold and Buma, who seem to keep the door open for cooperation.