Mortality skin cancer rising sharply

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The mortality by the least common form of skin cancer, melanoma, has increased by 38 percent since 2000, according to figures from Statistics Netherlands.In 2012 793 Dutch died from melanoma: 477 men and 316 women. The majority was fifty years of age or older.

The Netherlands belongs to the countries with the highest percentage of melanoma patients in Europe, only surpassed by Norway and Slovenia.

Melanoma is a malignant form of skin cancer. People with fair skin are more vulnerable than those with dark skin.

The only controllable risk factor is overexposure to sunlight.

people getting skin cancer

More and more young adults have a melanoma, the most aggressive form of skin cancer. About 800 patients die annually from this disease, which often occurs as a result of sunburn. Part of melanomas can be prevented by sensible sunbathing and regularly checking for new or changing moles on the skin. Many young people do not know that burning of the skin can cause the aggressive skin cancer, especially before the age of 18.