FNV action on November 1 still on

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The FNV actions against new cuts from the government, on November 30, are still on.The member parliament of the trade union agreed to the actions, announced FNV-chairman Ton Heerts in Nieuwsuur on Monday.

The FNV will not strike against the government's policy. However, it may come to strikes in the context of collective bargaining. The FNV vigorously rejects the proposed cuts by the government of 6 billion euros.


The FNV CEO believes the social agreement the government closed with employers and employees  in spring, can be maintained. But if the Cabinet announces a zero baseline on Budget Tuesday, it will have a serious problem with the FNV.

In the social agreement, a series of cuts from the coalition of VVD and PvdA, including the zero baseline for officials, was postponed. The government has always said it would bring the measures back up if the CPB results in August would require them to do so.