Especially coastal areas suffer from downpours

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Heavy rainfall caused a bit of nuisance in many parts of the country on Tuesday. The fire brigade received dozens of reports, especially from the coastal areas, of flooding and storm damage. The reports were mainly about flooded streets and cellars and fallen trees.

Strong winds can occur of up to eighty miles per hour along the coast.  At the beginning of the evening, the wind speeds measured nine in IJmuiden, which classified as the first local storm of the fall, reports Weather Online.

The daily traffic jams in the evening were a lot longer due to the rainy weather, according to the ANWB. The weather did not lead to any major problems however.

Bart Everson

On Tuesday evening the precipitation will slowly move southeast. Wednesday promises to be another wet day. The morning starts out with dry periods, but later on new showers will come in from the northwest with chances of thunderstorms.