Major care fraud with physicians codes

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Health care fraud occurs for many millions, using doctors' personal declaration codes, says RTL News.Fraudsters use their so-called AGB code with or without the knowledge of their physician to file claims with their insurers. DSW says they have at least 100 examples of this type of fraud. DSW is one of the smaller Dutch health insurers.

Alex Proimos
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Raymond Nuns of the DSW fraud department told RTL News about a case in Rotterdam, where a woman founded a mental health care institution and submitted false claims. She declared over 20,000 euros per treatment, using the AGB-codes of a psychiatrist who is imprisoned.

Some doctors allow their codes to be abused for payment, but codes from doctors who are either retired or deceased are also used. Upon issuance of an AGB-code the physician is subject to a one time verification process.

Some of the parties in parliament require clarification by Minister Edith Schippers, according to RTL .