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The Minister of Internal Affairs, Plasterk, needs to come up with a solution soon for people who refuse to supply a fingerprint for a passport or ID, states the National Ombudsman Alex Brenninkmeijer in a letter to Plasterk.It amounts to a small group of people, but they have great difficulties in arranging everyday matters, says Brenninkmeijer. He cites  hospital visits, foreign travels, opening a bank account, voting in elections and retrieving packets as examples.

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Furthermore, every day they are at risk of being arrested because they have no valid ID. Brenninkmeijer asks Plasterk to come up with a solution for this group as soon as possible.

People who refuse to supply a fingerprint for a new ID card may be afraid their data is not securely stored by the government. Or they feel affected in their privacy because of the government's increasing need for more information, says Brenninkmeijer.