CBL spooked by faeces in meat

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The Centraal Bureau Levensmiddelenhandel (CBL) (Central Grocery Retail Agency) is shocked by statements of anonymous meat inspectors in a broadcast of Zembla. In the broadcast on Thursday the inspectors state that fecal bacteria are present in much of the slaughtered meat.The whistleblowers should have reported this much sooner, according to the CBL, so that proper measures could be taken at the abattoirs. E.coli is not a joking matter.

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The manure contaminates the meat when the intestines of the slaughtered animals are perforated. This is when the meat gets contaminated with E.coli. People can get upset stomach and the bacterium is dangerous for pregnant women, children and elderly.

The meat sector disputes that butchers work careless.  In extreme cases, the CBL wants slaughterhouses in question to close down. The agency is very interested in learning what the meat masters have to say in Thursday's Zembla broadcast.