Travel to Lebanon discouraged

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a stricter travel advice for Lebanon. Non-essential travel to the Arab country is discouraged, especially because of the developments in neighboring Syria. Dutch, already in Lebanon, received the advice to be more vigilant. In particular, the situation in the border areas is very risky for travelers, because here several armed groups are in conflict with each other.


Over forty people were killed in attacks in the northern city of Tripoli, just over a week ago, on two Sunni mosques. Approximately two weeks ago about twenty people died when a car, full of explosives, exploded in a Shiite district of southern Beirut.

The tensions between communities rose in Lebanon,as a result of the civil war in neighboring Syria. The Shiite Hezbollah support the regime of President Assad,  Sunni Lebanese predominantly support the insurgents.

The security situation in Lebanon can suddenly deteriorate rapidly, according to the Ministry. Violent incidents can impact the personal safety and mobility throughout the country. Roads, borders, airport and seaports can be blocked without notice, announces the website of the Ministry.

Travelers are advised to closely follow current developments and to avoid demonstrations. The Ministry also advises travelers to register with the embassy in Beirut.