Education Agreement Almost A Fact

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The National Education Agreement is practically agreed upon, according to the chairman of CNV Education, Helen van den Berg on National Education Agreement, Thursday, after a consultation with Education Foundation chairman Jan van Zijl and the government. A few points are still under discussion, but the education parties expect to succeed together with the government on  Monday.

The discussions faltered earlier this summer. This week they were, however, talking again about the future of education. The meeting was on Thursday with Prime Minister Mark Rutte, Minister Jet Bussemaker and Sander Dekker, the Minister and State Secretary of Education and the education social partners. Bussemaker confirmed that parties are very close to an agreement.'

The educational administrators Van Zijl and Van den Berg expressed satisfaction after the meeting. “There are some beautiful things in the agreement and I assume that we will be satisfied on all fronts,” said Van den Berg. Van Zijl stressed the importance of the agreement, "It's about modernization, professionalization and employment. At this level we are satisfied."

Not everybody is happy about the agreement. The General Education Union (AOB), out of dissatisfaction, walked out of the discussions earlier and has not joined the discussions again.

The student organizations are very dissatisfied with the way things are. "We are in no way involved in this consultation," said Ruud Nauts, chairman of the Intercity Students Association (ISO). "We seem to be represented by the Education Foundation, but there has never been any contact." The student union LSVb says that the voice of the students is not heard.