2nd PvdA MP Resigns

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PvdA Myrthe Hilkens resigns as Member of Parliament. She is in a short time the second PvdA MP that leaves the House. 

Hilkens says in a statement, which was  sent to the ANP: "I resign as of today as member of the House. The way I want to give meaning to my ideals is, unfortunately, not consistent with the way in which I can do politics. That's why I choose to devote my time for socially relevant issues, outside the House. I do not know exactly what I am going to do, but I decline for the non-activity allowance."

Labour leader Diederik Samsom states in response that he regrets the decision of Hilkens but respects the decision. "I would have liked that Myrthe with her drive and passion, could have find her way in political The Hague. Unfortunately that did not work. I have full confidence that she will continue her involvement involvement in another way outside parliament

Second Labour MP to step down

In June, foreign affairs spokesman Désirée Bonis, stepped down. The former PvdA MP resigned out of dissatisfaction with the foreign policy of the coalition. Last Saturday, Bonis wrote an opinion article in NRC Handelsblad, in which she argued that especially the VVD determines the foreign policy of the government coalition. She also wrote that the coalition has already decided to buy the Joint Fight Striker (JSF). This called Bonis 'another concession of the PvdA to the VVD’.