Fake training costs Tax Department millions loss

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The Tax Department estimates a loss of at least Euro 15million, because businesses tampered with employee training.

The Inspectorate of Education confirmed this, following reports in the Volkskrant.

Employers could get a tax rebate if they offered their employees vocational courses. At least six of these institutions offered courses of poor quality. A few other institutions are still under investigation, says the Inspectorate official.


Employees were for instance trained as logistics employee or qualified labor assistant. Thousands of Polish laborers have received such training, says the newspaper.

The tax benefit per employee runs about Euro 2700. Considering that thousands, maybe even tens of thousands of people were enrolled in such courses, the loss for the tax department runs in the millions, says a representative of the Inspectorate of Education. Many businesses have used this arrangement to better themselves financially, not to educate their staff.

Meanwhile, the tax authorities began to recover the improperly claimed tax benefits. The law that allowed these tax benefits, WVA (reducing Act remitting income tax and national insurance premium), will be abolished by January 1st. The arrangement is expensive and leaves too much room for abuse. A subsidy will take its place


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