Company Marlies Dekkers Bankrupt

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The company of lingerie designer Marlies Dekkers is bankrupt. The court in Rotterdam declared the bankruptcy on Wednesday. The curator has negotiated with investment company  Karmijn Kapitaal and they entered into an agreement to make a restart with the healthy parts of the lingerie company. 

Marlies Dekkers became world famous, especially by producing bras with straps above the cups.

The company Marlies Dekkers reported in a press release about a restart. The restart is a transformation into e-commerce: some stores will be closed and the sale will take place mainly through their own webshop and online stores. This restart saves 35 of about 100 jobs.

In the new situation six stores in Amsterdam (Berenstraat), Rotterdam, Maasmechelen, Breda, Utrecht and Antwerp remain open. "We came much faster in this situation than expected. Especially for employees who lose their jobs this obviously hurts very much. They have put their heart and soul into my company and for that I am very grateful to them," says Marlies Dekkers in a reaction.

Marlies Dekkers was not only named Businesswoman of the year 2007, but also won in New York the CILA Award for best fashion lingerie. Early 2008 Dekkers received, from the hands of the mayor of Paris, the Creator of the Year Award.