Film Adaptation of Art Heist in the Works

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A movie adaptation of the 2012 Kunsthal incident in Rotterdam where famous paintings were stolen, is now in its early production stages, the Art Newspaper reports.

1919 painting “La Liseuse en Blanc et Jaune" by Henri Matisse, one of the stolen paintings from Kunsthal museum in Rotterdam.
AP Photo/Police Rotterdam (Photo by Playing Futures: Applied Nomadology/flickr)

Romanian director Tudor Giurgiu and photographer Cristian Movilia will follow the story of the suspects starting when they left Romania until they were tried in court. The Kunsthal heist is thought to be one of the most noteworthy art thefts in modern time.

Tudor Giurgiu said: “The speed of the robbery, the psychology and motivation of the robbers, the fact that they come from an isolated community, from a village inhabited mostly by old people, all will give colour to this universal story,” adding that “the subject sells itself, it is an excellent pretext for an action movie.”

The movie will feature Olga Dogaru, the mother of one of the suspects. Dogaru previously said the art pieces were burned. However, she took back the claim.

An art expert from Romania confirmed the paintings were authentic and were stolen. The court hearing of the six Romanian suspects is scheduled on Monday, August 19 in Bucharest.

Source: Art Media Agency