Uber to Initiate Boating Service

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Uber will launch a unique service called Uber Sloep for residents and visitors who prefer to travel through the city's waterways.

An iconic canal and bridge in the heart of Amsterdam
Photo by Daniel Foster/flickr

This one of a kind project is set to begin in Amsterdam. With the Uber application, Uber Sloep permits any person to arrange a private boat to take them for a trip in the picturesque canals of the city. "Sloep," stands for "dinghy," a small Dutch boat motorized by oars or an outboard motor.

The Uber Sloep can accommodate a maximum of 20 passengers. The base fare ranges from € 15 to €1.50 per minute aboard. Uber's estimate price is €105 per hour, with a charge of €90 for each extra hour.

Uber is a U.S.-based scheme-funded startup company, specializing in creation of phone application for passengers to contract drivers of luxury vehicles for hire.