Netherlands Aids Ghanaian Vehicle Development

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The Netherlands has proposed to aid the development of a trial vehicle designed and produced by workers of Suame Magazine in Kumasi, the Daily Graphic reports.

Yendi (Northern Region, Ghana)
Rtevels/Wikimedia Commons

The strong prototype vehicle, which is intended for African land, was displayed during a global exhibition in the Netherlands, which drew interest to the Dutch government.

The Smarti Turtle 1, the name of the vehicle, was built this year by mechanics following a joint venture between the Suame Magazine Industrial Development Organisation (SMIDO) and the Dutch-based Aardschap Foundation.

SMIDO Consultant Mr Nyaaba-Aweeba Azongo told Daily Graphic that the Dutch government had completed the deals with the SMIDO Aardschap Foundation to fund the total cost of the vehicle testing in the Netherlands.