Chlorine Gas In Pool

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At campsite Osebos in Gulpen, at about 5.30pm on Monday afternoon, ten children and an adult became unwell, presumably by chlorine fumes from the outdoor pool at the campsite. They were taken to hospitals in Maastricht and Heerlen. The emergency services cleared the pool.

The chlorine vapors were according to the fire brigade caused by a power failure that hit Monday throughout the Limburg hills. The power failure lasted over half an hour. When the power switched on again, also the pump in the pool started running. The pump dispenses under normal conditions, water and chlorine, but in this case the machine first pumped chlorine only, and later on the water. The increased concentration of chlorine caused toxic fumes.

Initially, the fire department announced that the pool would be released again. The owner decided however, to first let an expert look at the pump, to find out the source of interference and to prevent recurrence. Once that is done, the pool will be open again for public. That will probably be on Tuesday morning, said a spokesman for the fire brigade.


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