Eco-Friendly: Smog-Eating Sidewalks

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Scientists in the Netherlands say a smog-eating pavement is capable of reducing 45 percent of atmospheric pollution.

Lali Masriera/flickr

The researchers from the Eindhoven University of Technology studied the smog-eating pavement in Hengelo, Netherlands. The report called “Full scale demonstration of air-purifying pavement" cited the block with the unique pavement decreased nitrogen oxide atmosphere pollution by 45 percent in a good weather, reducing an average of 19 percent per day.

The author of the report said the "photocatalytic" roadway used in Hengelo was covered with titanium oxide (TiO2), a substance that can take atmosphere pollutants like nitrogen oxide. The compound is then changed into less toxic chemicals, for instance, nitrates.

In an interview with CNN three years ago, Professor Jos Brouwers of the Department of Architecture, Building and Planning said the concrete's real functions were moving. He explained the pavement can possibly resolve the trouble brought about by smog in the cities.

Resource: Huffington Post