Melkert Back To The Hague

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Former Labour leader Ad Melkert is open to a more active role in politics. A return to the Binnenhof, which he left in 2002 after the election defeat of the Labour Party and the rise of Pim Fortuyn, Melkert sees as a possibility, he said on Monday during an interview with The Press of Wegener.

He does not see the Hague politics as a 'no-go area'. "Politics, national or international, has always fascinated me in the way how the public interest can be served. Politics needs people who are not afraid to take responsibility.”

The former Minister of Social Affairs and Employment thinks he can function at the Binnenhof well. "I think everyone fits in there, because 2013 is 2013. For everyone the world is different than in 1995. I also learned a lot along the road. In some ways I still have the same views, in some other ways I think a little different."