Non-Compliance of Dutch Staffing Firms

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The FN union claims that five Dutch staffing firms are non-compliant  in the collective agreements of the Netherlands, according to the website Staffing Industry Analysts.

These collective agreements control the working conditions and wages of employees.

The union also announced the name of the firms (Tecline Gmbh, Intecs, Friday Eurotech, Utges and NN Uitzendbureau).

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These staffing agencies recruit construction workers from Eemshaven, Northern Holland. The union alerts officials if there are evidences of non-compliance of firms in the agreements.

The SNCU confirmed the law-breaking practices of  the five staffing firms mentioned by the union. SNCU is an organisation dedicated to promote and monitor compliance of staffing firms.

FNV pointed out that further measures should be established to develop the labour market in the country and to stop staffing firms from breaking the rules. It  also stressed the need to carry out liabilities of agencies who fail to follow the policies.