Wooden Crosses, No Brothers

A search for the two missing brothers, Julian and Ruben, by civilians in Zeist, led to much commotion when two crosses were found in the woods near Sparrenheuvel. The police shut off the area and searched the soil with prods but did not find a sign of the boys, who have been missing for more than a week. “The result was unfortunately negative,” said a spokesman of the police.

The police, the army and concerned citizens continued the search for the boys on Wednesday. So were a group of specially trained marines, searching until 9.00 pm in the woods between Rhenen and Doorn. In the coming days they will continue. Split up in groups of  eight to ten, they will constantly investigate other areas.

The marines and the civilians have recently searched in the area between Rhenen and Doorn, but that was on both sides of the provincial road, the N225. The police says now that there is a very large area where no search was done yet. “We really want to reach all the areas,” the spokesman said.


Civilians searched Wednesday in Zeist at areas which were discussed with the mother of the missing boys. These are areas with some playgrounds and water features, where the family came often to relax. The police is watching at the background. If there is something what the police has to investigate, the civilians will immediately stop and make way for them. Last week the police did already a search in Zeist on different locations. Among those areas investigated last week, were the area at the back of the mother’s house and an area around a deer park.

Farewell Trip

Last Tuesday evening the missing brothers were also a topic at Opsporing Verzocht. After the broadcast, at least 300 tips were received. The most tips dealt about the last hours of the father of the boys. The man committed suicide and was found last Tuesday at 8.00 am in a recreational area called Het Doornse Gat, near Doorn.

The evening before, the man made a trip with his sons which also included places in Limburg. The police assumes that the man made a sort of a farewell trip, while visiting familiar spots. The police is very sure now that the father has prepared his last day and night.