Complaints Final Exams

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On the first day of the final exams for the high schools, National Action Committee Students (LAKS) has received more than 21,000 complaints. This was published on their site for complaints. The VWO Dutch exam received most complaints, a staggering 15,000.

“The subject Dutch seems to be again the problematic one. The students thought it was unclear and difficult. The same happened last year,” a spokesman of LAKS said.

In total six thousand complaints were received about the HAVO Management & Organization exam. “About this subject we receive usually a lot of complaints but the final results are most of the time not so bad,” said the spokesman. Only 300 students complained about the French exam for VMBO.

Last year, the server of LAKS went down because it couldn’t handle the number of visitors.

On Tuesday the exams continue with Geography and Physics for VWO, Technique/Crafts/Drawing for HAVO and Physics/Chemistry and Music for the VMBO. The exams will last until May 29 and two weeks later the 207,000 students will receive their results.