Cyber Attack Unprofessional

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The cyber attack on ING and iDeal on April 3 does not look like a serious attempt to get customers' data, according to experts and hackers in the Metro. “It looks to me like nothing more than teasing," says security specialist Barry van Kampen. “A prank of maybe an angry customer who wants to tease ING back and paralyze its organization.

Others also call the so-called DdoS attack “not professional”. According to the hacker group, HacksIn, it is very easy to track the network of the attacker(s) to Romania or somewhere nearby there. This whole attack does not seem to be of a technically high level.

There is a possibility that the attack was a diversion. Van Kampen thinks, “If the technicians have to totally focus on an attack at the front door, some mistakes may occur and they can totally let other things happen at the backdoor.”

Meanwhile, the problems at ING and iDeal have been solved, and according to van Kampen, customers need not be afraid for the security of their money.