Fire Raged Again on the Veluwe

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On Tuesday, a bushfire again raged on the Veluwe. Just like the day before the fire broke out near Hoog Soeren, west of Apeldoorn. Police investigation now shows that the fire on Sunday was probably ignited.

The fire broke out at 1.00 am on a piece of heathland between Hoog Soeren and the restaurant Echoput along the Amersfoortseweg. Dozens of firefighters and a dozen fire trucks battled the fire. It was only around 2.00 pm when the 'safe' signal was given.

The fire brigade sprayed several houses in the area with water to prevent them from catching fire. Evacuations were not deemed necessary.

The cause of the fire at the bone-dry heathland is still unknown. According to police estimates, the fire affected about three hectares.

Investigation on the Sunday fire, performed by the fire brigade on Monday morning, shows that the fire was most probably ignited and did not catch fire by natural causes.

Emergency services in Gelderland, Overijssel and Utrecht are more alert to wildfires these days. The code orange security level has been raised  as the combination of strong winds and cold of the last few days make trees and shrubs become bone-dry.