Women Steal From Boss

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In a study on fraud at work, there were more women perpetrators last year than the year before.

According to Recherchebureau Hoffman, a company that specializes in company crime investigation and fraud prevention, 28% of the thieves caught were female. The previous year this percentage was only 10%.

The increase in the number of female offenders might be partly because of the economic crisis since more women have started working while more men have lost their jobs.

Criminal activities at work, such as information leakage, insider trading, forgery or theft, are, in half of the cases, related to the crisis according to the bureau. Employees caught for fraud did so either because they were in need of money or because they wanted revenge because of internal cuts.

Women are caught mainly because of their way of communicating in social media, which are sources frequently used by employers to investigate employees.

"Someone says on Facebook that she goes to the casino for the fourth time that week," says Richard Franks, CEO of Hoffmann. "If that does not match with her salary, then this can betray her."