Burglaries up in NL

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Police took to Twitter to track down leads in this Aronskelk Cuijk home invasion cases last week (Photo: Ofcr. Alex Gijsbers / Twitter)

The number of home burglaries in 2012 rose by 2.6 percent to 91,153 compared to 2011. A third of these cases were attempted break-ins. Police across the country cleared just 9.2 percent of them.

Nu.nl reports that to prevent burglaries the police plans to work harder at the community level, together with common citizens, the government and local businesses. Prevention is the main goal of the social-focused plan.

Christen-Democratisch Appèl (CDA) MP Peter Oskam is requesting a parliamentary debate about the new numbers. He states that for years political discussions have not led to effective action and improvement.