track maintenance

Oct 18 '16 08:53

The train tracks on the Moerdijk bridge will be completely replaced in the second quarter of next year, ProRail announced. The work will take up to 20 days, during which no train traffic will be possible over the bridge

Oct 17 '16 10:40

The Dutch government wants to reverse the privatization of rail operator ProRail, NOS reports based on information from sources in The Hague. The government wants to get more control over ProRail by turning it into an independent administrative body under the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, according to the the broadcaster.

Nov 27 '15 14:10

ProRail may be getting 175 million euros less subsidy next year because the company has been pushing money for maintenance and repairs forward for years, instead of using it to repair train tracks.

Apr 13 '15 07:34

There will be a lot fewer trains running between Schiphol and Amsterdam Zuid/Lelylaan this morning. This is due to maintenance on the tracks around the airport is taking longer than expected.

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