Tim Kuik

Police sign
Aug 28 '17 15:40

The police seized over 200 illegal media players in The Hague on Friday after copyright watchdog BREIN pressed charges of large-scale copyright infringement against a store in the city. The store sold the media players, which were equipped with pre-installed software that allows the watching of movies and shows from illegal sources, NU.nl reports. 

Popcorn Time logo (Source: Wikimedia/popcorn-org
Oct 20 '15 14:09

Dutch copyright association Stiching Brein’s director Tim Kuik has threatened the users of the illegal movie viewing site Popcorn Time with the possibility of being fined for using the site. Kuik told broadcaster BNR, “It’s totally illegal and viewers are exposing themselves, in principle, to claims from rights holders." Kuik would not be surprised to see fining begin within a month.

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