Thong Tai

Baby Asian elephant born at Artis Zoo on 4 May 2020
May 5 '20 17:40

A baby Asian elephant was born at Artis zoo in Amsterdam on Monday night. The delivery went very well and it was clear that mother Thong Tai already had experience in giving birth - her newest calf's birth took only one minute, the zoo announced. 

The calf was already standing on his four legs 15 minutes after being born, and drinking from his mother a few hours later. He is Thong Tai's fifth calf. 

Oct 20 '16 15:03

Baby elephant Sanuk, born at the Artis zoo in Amsterdam on Sunday, explored outside for the first time on Thursday afternoon, the zoo said on Twitter.

The baby Asian elephant stayed close to mother Thong Tai and hid under her belly from the rain, a spokesperson for the zoo said to news wire ANP. After some time outside, the mother and calf went back to their enclosure.

Oct 17 '16 13:00

A baby elephant was born at the Artis zoo in Amsterdam on Sunday, the zoo announced in a press statement. Baby girl Sanuk was born in just two minutes, after mother Thong Tai was pregnant for 631 days, or 21 months.

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