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Sep 16 '16 10:30

The Center for Human Drug Research in Leiden will soon start testing medicines on young children, elderly people and psychiatric patients in an effort to fully understand the effects and side effects medicines have on the people they are intended for

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Aug 3 '16 12:00

Over half a million cardiovascular patients experience problems after switching to the use of cheaper, generic medicine, according to a study done by knowledge institute Nivel among patients and pharmacists. The most common complaints are fatigue and more side effects

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Mar 1 '16 13:55

The female libido pill Flibanserin, also known as women's viagra, only has "marginal" benefits and comes with side effects, according to a study done by Erasmus MC in Rotterdam in cooperation with colleagues from the Vrije Universiteit Brussels and Amsterdam Medical Center.

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Dec 8 '15 11:10

Research done by the Dutch pharmacological vigilance center Lareb could neither prove or rule out a link between the HPV vaccine against cervical cancer and side effects suffered by girls who were vaccinated

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Mar 11 '14 16:33

It has been long known that taking antidepressants can negatively affect the libido, but the effects may be long-lasting to permanent, according to a soon to be published article by Side-affects Center, Lareb.

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