Rotterdam blitz

Damage done by the German bombardment of Rotterdam on 14 May 1940
May 14 '19 15:00

On Tuesday Rotterdam commemorated the 79th anniversary of the Rotterdam Blitz, the German bombardment of the city during the Second World War. "We are still for two minutes. Out of respect for the biggest sacrifice that a person can make: his or her life", Rotterdam mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb said about the two minutes of silence. "They did that for our freedom. We walk in their footsteps."

May 14 '14 14:36

Students from the Grafisch Lyceum have given form to the Rotterdam after the bombing of 14 May, 1940. It forms the backdrop of an educational video game. Today, the pilot version of the game will be unveiled, 74 years after the Rotterdam Blitz, the NOS reports.

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