robotic exoskeleton

Jan 31 '18 15:00

A symposium held in Amersfoort last week showcased technological solutions that can help people with occupational disabilities find and keep a job. The symposium included technologies ranging from an augmented reality app that can show people with mild intellectual disabilities exactly how to disassemble and repair a ship's propellor shaft, for example, to an exoskeleton that enables users with physical disabilities to move their limbs and increase their strength, NRC reports.

Disabled man's exoskeleton
Dec 31 '15 14:40

Nijmegen man Ruben de Sain received his crowdfunded robotic exoskeleton just in time for the paralyzed man to celebrate New Year's on his feet. The suit was delivered on Wednesday afternoon

Beam 4
Dec 29 '15 12:44

The crowdfunding campaigns to rescue the Admiraal de Ruyter Hospital in Zeeland and the for the Beam smart lightbulb projector are number one and two one Crowdfunding Hub's list of the top 12 crowdfunding campaigns in the Netherlands in 2015.

Disabled man's exoskeleton
Dec 22 '15 11:22

Paraplegic patient Ruben de Sain from Nijmegen managed to raise the 85 thousand euros necessary to buy his own robotic exoskeleton through crowdfunding

Dec 7 '15 13:00

Ruben de Sain from Nijmegen, who was paralyzed from the waist down in a motorcycle accident 10 years ago, is the first Dutchman allowed to take a robotic exoskeleton home with him for a few weeks. The exoskeleton makes him able to walk again.

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