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Jun 28 '17 07:52

The Dutch police implemented "precautionary measures against a possible cyber attack" which left some functionalities on the police website party or completely unavailable, the police said in a statement.

"Forms that are completed and sent may not arrive or only much later", the police said, apologizing for the inconvenience. It is not clear how long these measures will be in place.

The police can still easily be reached via the telephone.

Aug 31 '15 15:24

The reason for the police website crash on Sunday was likely a human error and not a so-called DDoS cyber attack. The problems have been resolved and the police website is back online.

Aug 31 '15 08:50

The police website was offline for hours on Sunday. The police believe that the most likely reason for the website's servers overloading is a large number of people trying to access a photo with a very high resolution on the site at the same time. Though they are not ruling out the possibility of a so-called DDoS attack.

Feb 3 '15 12:24

Cyber criminals could get access to people's DigiD login information through expired internet domains that were once registered to the police. This finding comes from research done by Reporter Radio in collaboration with security researcher Wouter Slotboom.

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