police stations closed

Jan 29 '16 09:43

Closing 200 police stations will lead to slower response times and will compromise regular police work on the streets. This is because it will take officers significantly longer to take an arrested suspect to a police station or detention center, The Security and Justice Inspectorate warns in a report sent to the lower house of parliament this week

Sep 16 '15 08:23

Thousands of police officers will be blocking the entrances of a number of ministries in the Hague on Wednesday in another protest for a better collective bargaining agreement.

Sep 15 '15 12:46

The police unions are once again protesting for a better collective bargaining agreement on Tuesday. Many police stations across the country will be closed between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. During that time the officers will be watching footage of Prinsjesdag events to find out whether the government has put more money aside for their salaries, according to the unions.

Police station The Hague (Source: Wikimedia/Pauline van Till)
Apr 23 '15 10:03

Police stations across the Netherlands will be closed for two hours on Thursday. This is another protest action organized by police unions against the lack of a favorable collective bargaining agreement.

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