Overijssel court

Dec 21 '16 09:21

A judge in Overijssel was reprimanded and had her Twitter account suspended after she responded to EenVandaag naming PVV leader Geert Wilders politician of the year with the word: "Knettergek", which loosely translates to "madness" in English. 

monster truck crash
Oct 28 '15 15:40

The municipality of Haaksbergen was wrong to issue a permit for the event in which a monster truck crashed into the audience, killed three people and wounded 28 others in September last year, the court in Overijssel ruled on Wednesday. The victims are holding the municipality liable.

Jun 26 '15 13:36

The court in Overijssel sentenced a teacher from Vessem, Brabant to 3 years in prison for editing pictures of his students into pornographic images and then spreading it. The 50 year old man also has to receive treatment and pay compensation of 3 thousand and 3,750 euros to two of his victims, RTL Nieuws reports.

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