Louis de Leon

No Surrender
Sep 1 '17 15:20

A man the authorities believed was hired to attack prosecutor Greetje Bos, was released from custody, the Public Prosecutor announced. The investigation did not confirm the suspicions against him, NU.nl reports.

No Surrender
Aug 29 '17 12:10

No Surrender founder Klaas Otto is suspected of ordering an attack on the Public Prosecutor working on his case from his cell in the Middelburg prison, Otto's lawyer Louis de Leon confirmed to NU.nl. According to the lawyer, his client finds these accusations completely ridiculous.

On Monday the police arrested a 44-year-old man in Sliedrecht. He is believed to be the one Otto ordered to commit the attack. The attack was directed at Greetje Bos, prosecutor at the Public Prosecutor's Office Zeeland-West-Brabant and the prosecutor on the case against Otto.

No Surrender
Aug 24 '17 08:06

No Surrender founder Klaas Otto, currently in custody in the Middelburg prison, was able to listen to the tapped conversations of other inmates due to a police blunder, NOS reports. Otto is in custody because he is suspected of extortion, assault and arson, amongst other things. In preparation for his trial, he requested the tapped recordings of phone calls he made from prison. He also got the tapped conversations of other prisoners. 

Feb 20 '15 19:06

Alleged "sex pest" Rabbi Eliezer Berland is appealing to the Netherlands Supreme Court in an effort to avoid his imminent extradition to Israel, his lawyer Louis de Leon told ANP on Friday.

Jan 28 '15 11:13

"Sex pest" rabbi Eliezer Berland denies all allegation of sexually assaulting three young women and an underage girl. The 77-year-old spiritual leader of the ultra-orthodox Jewish movement Shuvu Banim claimed that he no longer has a sex drive in an interview with de Volkskrant.

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