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I Amsterdam sign in rainbow colors to celebrate the 15th anniversary of marriage equality in the Netherlands, 1 Apr 2016 (Photo: @iamsterdam/Twitter)
Nov 3 '16 13:00

The Amsterdam municipality is tired of the continuous political struggles in the city's seven district and is therefore implementing a new governing structure, the Telegraaf reports. In the future the municipality will appoint local leders at district levels itself. And advisory committees consisting of citizens from the 22 Amsterdam neighborhoods will keep an eye on the appointed district councils.

Oct 2 '15 14:40

Amsterdam mayor Eberhard van der Laan announced his desire to win a nomination for a second six-year term in a letter to city council on Friday. Van der Laan sent the letter after first discussing the situation with the King's Commissioner, a liaison between municipalities and the Dutch cabinet.

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Mar 5 '14 09:56

The VVD and PvdA might face a big defeat at the upcoming municipal council elections on the 19th of March, as a study reveals that local parties are popular this year.

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