Kees van de Meent

Leapp store in Rotterdam
Jun 11 '18 13:50

Dutch retailer Leapp, which sells used and refurbished Apple devices, was declared bankrupt on Friday. The 24 Leapp stores will remain closed for the time being, as this will give the chain the best chance of a restart, according to bankruptcy administrator Kees van de Meent, reports.

Jan 12 '16 11:06

Current V&D owner Sun Capital will not be allowed to bid on the bankrupt retail chain and La Place. The bankruptcy administrators invited more than 10 interested parties to make an official bid and the private equity firm is not among them

Jan 1 '16 12:11

Now that retail group V&D is declared bankrupt, bankruptcy administrators Kees van de Meent and Hanneke de Coninck are working hard on a possible restart. V&D CEO John van der Ent has hopes that this will succeed. "This bankruptcy does not mean the end of V&D and La Place", he wrote in a letter to his employees on Thursday.

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