Sep 23 '16 08:25

British television star CJ de Mooi, real name Joseph Connagh, was arrested for a murder he claims to have committed in Amsterdam in 1988. In his biography, De Mooi claims he punched a junkie hard in the face and dumped him into the canal. "I assume that I killed him." The Prosecutor does not know who the victim was, but 12 bodies were found in the water that year

Sep 7 '15 15:07

CJ de Mooi, a well-known British panelist on the BBC quiz show Eggheads, believes that he killed a drug addict in Amsterdam in 1988. In his biography My Journey From the Streets to the Screen, which was published this past week, he writes that he knocked out a man who was trying to mug him and threw him into the canal.

Jan 18 '14 04:31

The round-up of some of this week's most noteworthy events and news stories features a KLM Boeing 747 damaging cars in St. Maarten, the JSF F-35 aircraft proves capable of performing nuclear tasks, HEMA mistaking a diabetes patient for a junkie, NL called out for the best, healthiest, and cheapest food, the IOC regrets selecting Sochi for the 2014 games, and the developments around gas drilling in Groningen.

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