Gerdine Annaars

Young entrepreneur
May 25 '20 09:30

While the total number of new startups in the Netherlands decreased since the start of the coronavirus crisis, the number of new businesses started by children and teenagers up to the age of 19 is on the rise. In March and April this year, this age group started 2,139 new businesses, 137 more than the same months last year, Trouw reports based n figures from the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK).

Construction site
Jan 7 '20 08:41

On January 1st there were 2,000,404 businesses in the Netherlands - the first time ever this counter topped 2 million, according to figures from the Dutch chamber of commerce KvK. The number of companies in the Netherlands increased by almost 100 thousand last year, an increase of 5 percent, NOS reports.

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