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Feb 2 '17 09:47

The lower house of Dutch parliament is against a measure proposed by Health Minister Edith Schippers (VVD) to force disturbed persons to be admitted for observation if needed, government party PvdA confirmed to NU.nl.

"Vulnerable people with mental illness can better be helped by giving them the proper care sooner, so that the violent measure of forced admission can be prevented", PvdA parliamentarian Lea Bouwmeester said to the newspaper. "That should really be first to order, before state coercion is used."

Psychiatric Hospital
Mar 16 '16 08:32

Ninety percent of Dutch municipalities noticed an increase in reports about disturbed people over the past five years. In 140 municipalities, the number of reports doubled between 2011 and 2015, according to figures NU received from the police.

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Sep 4 '15 13:53

Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb is concerned about the large increase in the number of incidents in which the police had to intervene in disturbances caused by disturbed people. He  is calling for immediate action. The mayor wants to remove the excess for medicines that treat psychosis and a special ambulance to pick up disturbed people, instead of them ending up in the back of a police car.

The Rotterdam mayor said this during a committee meeting on Thursday, AD reports.

Jan 30 '15 11:07

According to psychologist and professor Hjalmar van Marle, health care professionals should be extra alert when it comes to disturbed people. He said this following the incident in the NOS building last night.

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