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ABN Amro ATMs in Amsterdam
Dec 2 '19 14:30

The municipality of Amsterdam hired private security guards to keep an eye on ATMs in the city in an effort to prevent criminals trying to blow them open with explosives. The security guards will park their vehicles near ATMs at random times during the night, NU.nl reports.

2008 BMW M3 E92 in Dutch police livery
Nov 3 '17 14:10

On Thursday the police arrested two Amsterdam residents, age 28 and 30 years, after finding 50 thousand euros in cash in a hidden compartment in their car during a large traffic check on the A9. Three people from The Hague were also arrested when the police found an airsoft weapon, soft drugs and a large amount of cash in their car, Het Parool reports. 

no image
Dec 23 '15 12:31

The police are warning residents of several areas to be extra vigilant against burglaries during the feast days. People are advised to give their home a "lived-in look" when they go out, by for example leaving some lights on, leaving glasses on the table and turning on the radio. Also tell you're neighbor when you are going out so that he can call the police if he notices something suspicious.

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Nov 23 '13 15:39

The number of burglaries in Amsterdam increased exponentially this year, and may reach eight thousand in 2013, which is an increase of fifteen percent, compared to last year.

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