conflict areas

Oct 26 '15 10:07

Fifteen months after the disaster with flight MH17, there is still a very solid chance of another airplane crash over a war zone. The European watchdog EASA will therefore present strict rules for safe routes next year, at the insistence of the Netherlands.

Oct 15 '15 10:43

According to Olexander Horin, the Ukrainian ambassador in the Netherlands, his country had no reason to close the airspace above the conflict area before the disaster with flight MH17.

Jul 15 '15 09:05

The Netherlands is working on a safety plan to keep Dutch planes away from conflict areas, sources surrounding the discussions of this plan told the Telegraaf. Authorities and intelligence agencies are involved in the formation of this plan.

KLM boeing 787
Jul 14 '15 09:43

Dozens of passenger planes are still flying over war zones and conflict areas - such as Mali, South Sudan and Sinai - on a daily basis. This includes airlines KLM and Air France as well as other European airlines such as Lufthansa and British Airways.

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